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New Release "Duets" with Jerome Deupree 7.31.20

Limited Edition 12 inch vinyl LP, available at Bandcamp and through Feeding Tube Records.

Also available as download only.

4 improvisations, Jerome Deupree on drums, lloyd Thayer on Chaturangui and Weissenborn guitars

Live and Improvised with Junko Fujiwara and lloyd Thayer

Recorded live at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation on Nov. 4th, 2018.
Junko Fujiwara - Cello, Electric Cello.   lloyd Thayer- Chaturangui, Dobro,  Electric Saz

Recorded by  Kinan Faham, 

Hosted by John Bechard



1. Testing the Waters in an Arid Desert 11:44
2. Scorpion Bowl: A Stinging Punch 7:23
3. Ittoqqortoormiit Ballad 8:49
4. Razor Jogger 5:53
5. Pachinko 9:25 
6. Dmitri and Bennie 7:22
7. Land of the Free 9:46


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"Duets" lloyd Thayer with Jerome Deupree (coming 7.31)

King Baby/ 90 Guns - Limited Edition 7" vinyl