Lyrics to the Big Heart Album

big heart lyrics

here are the words, in the order they appear on the record.......

So tired of waiting for your love

I'm walking the streets all night
Chasing after frozen breath
I gotta keep on moving
So I don't freeze to death
Standing on the platform
In the crowd I'm all alone
And when I reach the right address, 
It sure don't feel like home

The icy streets are empty
No one hears the sounds I cry
I'm praying for you all night long
But you just pass me by
Surrounded like a bird
In a barbed wire nest
Afraid of my aloneness
And everybody else

Free me from this prison
Inside this head of mine
Help me see your face somewhere
In all that's rushing by
I'm looking for salvation
In every eye I see
Help me unlock the door and see
I'm sitting on the keys

I'm a soul survivor
Looking to begin again
Looking for redemption
And release from all my sins
I know that you can do it
Only you can set me free
I know you have the power
And your love it is the key


pack up the babies and all the old ladies
and your parking space saver lawn chairs
get out of your pajamas, with yo babies mama's 
and try to pretend that you care.

Fire up the nova, I hope it turns over
The gas tank's emptier than low
We lost the cap, and threw in a rag
A molotov, low rider, pinto

i'm going to wonderland

the callahan tunnel, is just like a funnel
for lemmings heading under the sea
we got the cramps, from your foodstamps
this car heat is pig roasting me

pray that you'll save me, our lady of the lottery
please let me get this one win,
I'm on my knees, with the government cheese,
Need a payoff to take me to heaven

theres' only one place, in the whole USA
where they could pull off the big dig
where it costes more than they said the week before
and no one could tell what they did

spent my last dime, after waiting in line
with a program full of dreams
wheel the quinella, just do what I tell ya
I've got a miracle scheme

my job it don't pay, but I have to stay 
and you know the bills won't go
I got an itch, like a son of a bitch
Gotta scratch it with tickets you know

This gotta be the race, to save us from this place
Our big ticket out of here
Spend the last dollar, ignore the babies holla
post time is almost here 


Tell me why you are not here, when I need you
You're nowhere to be found
Tell me why you are not here, when I bleed you
Screaming without sound

and I ain't going down that 
long lonesome road that, leads me to your door

I hate myself, when I need you
Need you every day to survive
I hate my need to be near you
And you don't even know I'm alive

everywhere I feel you, inside me
although I am always alone
I never see you anymore, but you're with me 
All the way inside of my bones

Take away, these feelings, 
that beat like my heart's in my head
i'm talking to the walls all night
They don't hear a word I say

The story never changes
Although the days die by
Who would I be without that story
If I stop telling it and got peace of mind

concrete island

I am like a concrete island
In the middle of the road
Where all the trash collects
When it's trying to blow home

I am like a parking meter  
In a parking lot of weeds
Where soldiers have all been carried off
upon their rusted shields

And you are like an ocean
That's vast and wide and deep
Wide awake , smiling at us
As we fidget in our sleep

Ch: someday I hope to meet you there
On that other shore across the sea
We'll be shining all together
Where we're all wide awake and free 

I am like a tree stump
In an abandoned factory town
With a future that's cut off
and a past that's hidden underground

and I am like a rest stop
on a long deserted road
where nothing passes by
and tumbleweed newspapers blow

and you are like a mountain
forever sitting rooted there
perfectly peaceful watching us
as we rush everywhere

ch: someday we'll be shining all together
on that shore across the sea
I hope to meet you there my friend
Where we're all wide awake and free 

chubby junkie

Sully was a daytime angel
With a suit so bright it hurt your eyes
almost as snappy as a preachers
covering up his insides 
He had him some money, 
he don't know where it went
now he's trying to make him a dollar
Out of fifty nine cents

And mary knows that desperate feeling
As she re-lights half a cigarette
She's three and a half years be-hind
On her last years rent
She tried to make the pain stop
Swallowed a bottle of pills one night
She wanted to go to heaven
But she woke up in hell alive

Eddy's waiting restlessly, 
For the ice cream man who sells pot,
whoever happens to be holding the gun
is happy calling all the shots
he's just a chubby junkie, 
we've seen it all before
Dr. jekyll n mr. Hide the car keys
Is just a children's bore

Down by the dunkin donuts
Hustlers hang disguised as men
They sit and blow smoke stories
about places they've never been
they talk shit about a lot of things
lie to cover up their fear
But there is no glory there
and no lottery win out of here

Chr: now we're all riding on a new train
In the concrete delta night, 
And you may think your safe, and that you don't apply
This trains here to tell you, 
We're all on death row , 
Some just have better seats, than the other guy do you know

flat world

The keys are on the table
The boxes are all packed and bound
We have reasoned all the reasons
We are empty without sound
And why did jesus never mention
If he knew the earth was round
And how am I to know the reasons, 
For this sadness we have found

So what about the flat world?
Everyone believed in that then
It's kind of funny looking back now
But they had no way of knowing
If we could see in to the future
Then we'd know just where we're going
We would never make mistakes
But we just have no way of knowing

Everybody seems to think
That they are a real good driver
That everything you've learned is true
And you will be the one survivor
But when there's no one left to blame
And if everybody's growing
Sometimes people they will change
And you just have no way of knowing

So what about the flat world?
Everyone believed in that then
It's kind of funny looking back now
But they had no way of knowing
If we could see in to the future
Then we'd know just where we're going
I'd have never said the things I did
I just had no way of knowing


War starter blues 

Won't you tell me son, what in the world is wrong with you
Won't you tell me baby, what in the world is wrong with you
You looking for a fight, in every single thing you do

When I was a young boy, my mama taught me right from wrong
When I was a young boy, my mama taught me right from wrong
She said don't' fight with nobody, and no one will want to do you no harm

who do you think you are, everything you say is always right
who do you think you are, everything you say is always right
minding the whole world's business, always looking for a fight

I got the war starter blues watching you spread hate and fear
I got the war starter blues, watching you spread hate and fear everywhere
Got your mind closed off, and your fingers in your ears

I know you gonna get what's coming, you gonna reap what you sow
I know you gonna get yours, you gonna reap just what you sow
but you taking the rest of us down with you, down on this new killing floor

won't you tell me son, what in the world is wrong with you
won't you tell me sonny, what in the world is wrong with you
wont' you mind your own business before it's too late, 
and stop acting like a goddamned fool


People talking all about freedom
Don't know a goddamn thing
They talk a good game
But they never lost nothing

You wanna know about freedom baby
You ask someone who isn't free
Go ask any inmate
In the penetentiary

My brother said "I spent time in the jungle
humping the trail in viet nam
Went to daisy cutter university
While you fattened up and stayed at home

I seen people die,
Blood running thru the fingers of my hands
So don't ask me to to do your killing for you again
Because you don't understand

Don't tell me about your freedom war, 
And patriotism and flags
When you don't know nothing
About endless days and endless body bags

When the bullets start to fly
And the bombs fall
The people who talk the loudest
Are the most afraid of all 

I made it out of that jungle
Couldn't find no job at home
No one wanted nothing to do with me
So I took the only road

Wound up with my brothers here in prison
We know all about being free
And we know war is never good for nothing
But a whole lot of misery

Yes war is not an answer
war won't bring you peace
love is still the answer, we need love
For everybody to be free

home of the brave

Rats and roaches and the paint peeling off
On the down hill couch, you got laid off
Trying to remember, trying to forget
Heart is on the sidewalk, covered in cement
The subway skronk,, rattles your teeth
Shakes your walls, and there's nothing to eat
The bus blows smoke in the airs so thick
Like/someone, hit you upside your head with a brick
Don't wanna go thru life this way, 
but there aint no choice, on the street today

the land of the free, the home of the brave
don't see no future and yet there's no escape
the land of the free and the home of the gun
live so fast and die so young

You got two brothers, and youre in between
one is in jail, he's trying to stay clean
doing five years, in an 8 man cell
where the minutes last weeks, and it's a non stop hell
if he ever makes it out, he's got half a prayer
odds are, he'll wind up, right back in there
can't find no job when you're on parole
No matter where you turn there aint no hope
Try to do the right thing, walk the straight and narrow tight rope
But you can make more money with the guns and the dope

The land of the free and the home of the gun
Every man for himself, till you think you won
Land of the free, home of the brave, 
Coffin full of money in your early grave 

other brothers driving to work, waiting at the red light,
Junkies coming by with a windshield wipe
Do you give him money, or beep your horn
Another day of living, he's wishing he was never born
Amerika the beautiful, if you got enough green,
When everything goes and nothing is obscene
These days are endless,you try to move ahead
Feel like you're on your knees more than you ever been
You got a better chance, to win the lottery
Than to make it out alive, from the amerikan dream

The land, of the free, and the home of the brave
The mark of the gun, and the early grave
The land of the free, the home of the gun
Filling up the ground with your daughters and sons 
The land of the free, the home of the gun
Always on the move, the fightings never done

Whole heart 

In the desperate times
Sky is filled with smoke, 
Don't let their hate
Turn your heart to stone

When the darkness falls,
And the rain won't go
Open your eyes wide
Let your big heart go

When the cold wind blows
And every door is closed
Hold on to your heart
You're still on the road

When the sky rains fire
And the end seems near
Don't close down your heart
And give in to fear

When the waters rise
Rivers overflow
Head for higher ground
Let your small mind go

Ch: let your big heart set you free
From all the things you think you know
Let your big heart take you
Where your small mind won't go.

fixing things

All around the world, 
Just as far as I can see,
Everyone thinks they knows
how perfect things should be
Well we know I am'nt perfect,
And I aint working on it
already had way too much of the things
That I thought I wanted 

That went so far over my head
it didn't even muss my hair
there's so much I don't understand 
it's not that I don't care
you might think I'm lazy, crazy
that I don't accomplish much
but at least I got the sense to know 
when enoughs enough 

I know you didn't ask me
But I'll tell you and don't laugh
You're chasing after things
You already have 
always have a million questions 
always on the brink
Always so much drama
When you've had to much to think

It's better to play that guitar, 
Even out of tune and all
than to slowly let it hang itself 
up there upon the wall
I used to know so many things
But I forget em all, you can tell
but looking back with wiser eyes
it's probably just as well

Ch: and all around the world
baby I aint even joking
people surely fixin things
that sho nuff ain't broken

See you tomorrow blues

billy got tired, of running around
But he wouldn't put, his running shoes down
Wake up lazurus, with a whistling sound
When it gets too hot, head underground

Red tires, blue balloons, 
rusty landmine feelings, come back too soon
Fourth of july friends, wont come down
Nobody wants you, in they tourist town

So fast and so bright, no one sees
Before you knowtice, we're on our knees
the day is long, the heat is slow,
How I started up again, no one knows 

At the VA hospital, wait days in a line
They tell you what's wrong, if you got enough time
The daylight is fading, everyone's gone home
The square is empty, we're alone

No straight job, could hold you down
Make a few dollars, for one more round
as opera man, he sings his songs
and we're all bellows, we don't belong

You made us laugh, you pissed us off
We swore the blues, and then forgot
But hoboes is always, on the move
That's how they hide, the see you tomorrow blues

Ch: See you tomorrow blues,
It's the things you don't say, that stick to you like glue
And give you the see you tomorrow blues
See you tomorrow blues, I hope I see you tomorrow