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"Records are really gifts from people. To think that an artist would love you enough to share his music with anyone is a beautiful thing.

About the nicest way you can play is just for nothing. And it's not really for nothing - it's for your own personal satisfaction and other people's, rather than for any kind of financial thing.

A lot of bread hangs people up; they try too hard. You can either do something or you can TRY to do something.

Whenever you're trying to do something, you ain't doing nothing." -- Duane Allman


SUNDAY JUNE 21st Old Manse Show Cancelled 

rain..........rain............and THUNDER.........stay dry.
fear not...........I will be back at the Old Manse July 19th for the "Friends of Jake Kennsinger" show........and again in Sept. with Hatrack Gallagher and Seth Connelly. hope to see you then, if not before...........thanks



lloyd Thayer and Bigfoot Research Organization/2nd annual 'summer show'

Somerville Armory, 191 Highland Ave , Somerville Ma. 02143

in the round with members of the Bigfoot Research Organization™ including but not limited to: Rob Laurens, Dave Dersham, Joel Ninesling, and lloyd Thayer

pay what you dare, aka 'the Dersham™"


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